About five years ago, in a particularly difficult moment in my life, I came across Human Design.
At the time, I found it difficult to maintain loving relationships with the people around me.
But human design has brought a big change in my life, in the way I see myself, others and in the way I live my relationships.
HD transformed me profoundly, shaping a new vision of myself and my way of interacting with others.
Surprisingly, it encouraged me to take a step back from my past preconceptions and conditioning, guiding me towards a more authentic existence in tune with my true nature.
One of the most surprising aspects was the discovery of latent energies and qualities in me, of which I was not aware.
Now, I have a deep trust in these internal forces and qualities, and I work daily to consolidate this trust, embracing the magical diversity that makes us special.
This approach allowed me to fully understand and appreciate the concept of uniqueness:
the fact that each of us is a unique being, different from others and for this very reason a great resource.
My approach to relationships has changed radically.
Now I value and respect the uniqueness of each person much more, learning to appreciate the delicacy of their spirit and the beauty hidden in their unique strengths and qualities.
This new perspective has also transformed my vision of work and group dynamics, enabling me to recognize the immense value that everyone can bring with their mere presence.
In my case, it even had a positive impact on my relationship with my mother, serving as a key to a more respectful and loving connection.
I highly recommend everyone to embark on this wonderful journey with Human Design.
It is a path of trust, discovery and acceptance, which allows us to live a more authentic life in tune with our true self, exploring and welcoming our unique personal design on a daily basis.
I would especially like to recommend discovering HD through Marga’s expert guidance.
With her, you will be able to reveal the mystery hidden in your personal design, immersing yourself in a nature full of wonderful surprises, ready to be welcomed and loved.