Alan Robert Krakower

Ancient wisdom in a new form

Human Design is a relatively new system originated by Alan Robert Krakower to whom it was revealed during a mystical experience in 1987.

In 1992 he published a book called The Human Design System under the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu and established a successful practice and school, training many students to give readings and teachings based on the system.

Through the years he has revealed more and more nuances and aspects of the system till his passing away in 2011.

Sure enough Human Design is in a way nothing really new, as it is a system that joins together ancient wisdom traditions – Astrology, Energy Chakras, I-Ching and Kabbalah – to recent understandings of modern science: neutrinos physics and genetics.

The result is nevertheless stunning: not just a mere synthesis, but a real cosmic blueprint of humans as they were designed and therefore meant to be and live.

Astrology and I-Ching

Human Design Wheel Reading

Human Design is based on an astrological calculation at the time of birth and takes into play also the planetary positions that occurred 88-89 days before birth, traditionally the moment when the individual soul enters the physical body, the vehicle for the present life time journey

The basic frame of these two calculations is the Zodiac as we all know it, and the novelty is that it has been overlapped with the sequence of the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching, making it much more interesting and rich in information, meanings and significance.

The overlapping of the Zodiac and the I-Ching sequence is fixed, in the sense that to specific degrees of each Zodiac sign, we have specific I-Ching hexagrams.

For example, the sign of Sagittarius is connected to seven hexagrams: 14 (last degree), 34, 9, 5, 26, 11, 10 (first degrees).

Read anticlockwise in given illustration

The Energy Chakras

At this point in history, we are all more or less familiar with the concept of Energy Chakras, as in Hindu Yogi tradition. A chakra is simply a vortex of nearly undetectable energy in the subtle bodies of humans, underlying the physical body and organs.

Systema Indu

Hindu System

In the Hindu system there are 7 chakras and each of them has specific functions. Starting from the bottom to the top they are:

  1. Root chakra (Muladhara)
  2. Navel chakra (Swadhisthana)
  3. Solar plexus chakra (Manipura)
  4. Heart chakra (Anahata)
  5. Throat chakra (Vishuddha)
  6. Third eye chakra (Ajna)
  7. Crown chakra (Sahasrara)

Human Design System

Human Design

In the Human Design system, starting from the bottom to the top, there are 9 chakras:

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Solar plexus or Emotional Center
  4. Spleen
  5. Self Center or G Center
  6. Will Power Center or Heart
  7. Throat
  8. Mind or Ajna
  9. Crown

In Human Design they are called simply centers, and their functions seem to express the complex nature of contemporary humans better than a 7 centers system which was after all developed when humanity was much simpler and down to earth.

In Human Design every center is connected to certain degrees of the Zodiac and to the corresponding hexagrams of the I-Ching. These points or areas of correspondence are called gates and they have the same number and a description that is based on the image of the hexagrams.

Every gate is connected to at least another one in a complex network of channels that resembles the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah as in the Hasidim tradition.

The result is, as already stated, stunning… and here it is… the Human Design Mandala (also called rave chart or bodygraph) where all these elements are linked together in a new and innovative way!

As you can see in the illustration, there is a color code to indicate that each number is connected to a specific center or group of centers.

How neutrinos physics and genetics fit into this?

Well… We are far from having scientific evidence of what you are reading on this website, but in fact we are not looking for some, as we are in a realm that stands for itself and cannot be proven by definition and would even lose some of its charm if it was!

Human Design Evolution Wheel

Nevertheless, we can speculate.

Like Astrology, Human Design assumes that there is a connection between life on Earth and the Cosmos, and more… an intimate correspondence among all beings, so that the movement of a planet affects us all, as bearers of something called “consciousness”, in the same way as the choices of a single being in this incredible cosmos affects everything and everyone else.

It has been postulated that the way this subtle communications among beings happens is through neutrinos, subatomic particles that are created during natural nuclear reactions such as those that take place in the core of a star, during a supernova, during the spin-down of a neutron star and when cosmic rays strike atoms.

By the way, the alleged Human Design revelation to Krakower happened more or less during “Supernova 1987a”, also named Sandleak, which was a blue super-giant some 170.000 light years from Earth who bombarded our planet with an unusual deluge of subatomic information.

Krakower’s mystical experience happened in January 1987, while the Supernova 1987a was detected and photographed (for the first time ever!) in February of the same year.

So, as I said, no evidence, but a lot of circumstantial clues to fantasize about…

As far as genetics goes, a beautiful correspondence has been observed between the 64 hexagrams and the 64 codons, the fundamental units of genetic code in a DNA or RNA molecule.

In the Western world, the first author to put this theory on a book was Dr Martin Schonberger in his I Ching & the Genetic Code: The Hidden Key to Life, Paperback, 1992.

From the point of view of Human Design, the implication is that not only we are connected to the cosmos in a metaphysical way, but also that the connection can be observed at a genetic level, tracing our genetic imprinting on our birth chart.

Introductory Videos

A series of videos to understand Human Design (in Italian only for now)