I want to introduce you to the Gene Keys in the words of their founder, Richard Rudd:

Richard Rudd:

The Gene Keys are a living wisdom. These are teachings to imbibe, contemplate and apply in your daily life. As you allow them to percolate inside you, one by one your troubles will begin to fall away, and you will find yourself inhabiting a new and brighter life.
Richard Rudd
I Ching

I discovered them by translating a book on Human Design that mentioned the GK and since then I have started to study them and apply them in my life and also with my clients, both in Human Design readings and as stand-alone GK readings.

An important thing to know is that the Gene Keys are based on Human Design, in the sense that its 64 so-called “spheres” correspond exactly to the 64 Gates of Human Design and of course to the 64 hexagrams of the I-Ching.

What is different is the way we use them.

First of all, in the Gene Keys, we have a Profile in which we find only some of the planetary positions examined in Human Design and in a configuration that it is not explicitly linked to Centers or Channels.

GK is a map in itself that focuses attention on some very specific elements of an individual’s life (Genius, Love, Prosperity) and bypasses the typical elements of Human Design (Definition, Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile).

Another very different thing is that for each GK there are three levels of interpretation: the shadow, the gift and the siddhi.

So, we have three words to take into consideration!

For example, let’s take GK 6. In Human Design we know it as the Gate of Conflict Resolution. In Gene Keys, it is called The Path to Peace and is expressed by the three words (shadow, gift, siddhi): CONFLICT, DIPLOMACY, PEACE.

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I fell in love with Gene Keys instantly and got certified as a GK Guide, so I am qualified to integrate my work with Human Design and GK knowledge, to give GK readings and in general to disseminate its beauty and richness!

The Gene Keys are a large universe with many dimensions and I highly recommend you visit the website and purchase the book, available on Amazon.